Top 4 Things to Do in Windsor, England

You can’t possibly be discussing the British Monarchy without uttering Windsor in your mouth. Isn’t that true? Of course yes, because we tried doing it but in vain. It is impossible to understand that, but it isn’t difficult to know why many people flock here.

Contrary to what most people believe, Windsor isn’t just about the royal family. Windsor has established itself quietly as one of the foodie magnets, and energetic tourists will always find picturesque walks of England in these parts.

Basically, everything comes back to England’s Monarchy, and there is nothing wrong with this. So, if you are planning your next tour in Windsor, here are things to do:

1. Explore the Maidenhead Heritage Centre

The history of Maidenhead ranges from racing cars to the Romans. In general, admission to this heritage centre costs nothing and will give you access to the services and exhibitions, including the previous children’s activities and exhibitions, gift shop & reference library, and temporary exhibitions in Sammes Gallery. While here, you can also browse picture albums as well as discover the life of Maidenhead in the good old days.

2. Watch the Changing of Guards

The schedule for changing guards at Windsor Castle varies from one month to another, and it is often done daily during summer. So, you might want to first look at the schedule on their site whenever you are planning your Windsor Castle tours. Usually, the traffic stops to let the guards march between Victoria Barracks and Windsor Castle – bear this in mind when visiting.

Various regiments and, at times, their mascots visit Windsor. This means you will be in for a treat when changing guards, including a marching band.

3. Go Shopping

If you visit Windsor by train, you are more likely to disembark at Windsor and Eton Riverside, which is a tiny station that feels simple, thanks to the royal reputation of the town.

But worry not – Windsor has a grand station to gaze at. Plus, it is connected to other train stations, including the Windsor and Eton Centre that head to Slough nowadays.

Attached to it is the famous Windsor Royal Station, which is currently an amazing shopping centre. The centre has many cafes, fancy restaurants, and modern shops. And if you want a fancier spot to have a drink or meal, All Bar One is inside a place that used to be a private waiting room for Queen Victoria.

4. Consider Boating along the Thames River

Like us, you will love to explore Windsor & Eton with a boat tour along the Thames River. Departing from Windsor Promenade, boating along the Thames River is among the most amazing things to do, especially on a sunny and warm day.

Since boating lasts up to one hour, you can head to the Thames as you learn the beautiful history of the river. To make the most of your trip, make sure you head with French Brothers that host private charters and public trips.

If you are planning your next trip to England, make Windsor your destination because there are a lot of amazing things to do. From boating along the Thames River to watching the change of guards and exploring the beauty of Windsor Castle, you are sure to leave Windsor feeling happy.