Turkey’s Bus Rental Company

The award-winning initiative of the transportation sector in Turkey, buskirala.com, is becoming more and more prominent every day. The platform, which has become the center of customized travel, is stepping into the next year with a strong infrastructure. Thanks to the tourism transportation job-sharing platform, which has prepared its infrastructure with special works, many companies and individual transporters have come together under this roof this year. Thus, buskirala.com provides instant mobility for hundreds of buses and minibuses in Turkey.
Established by Ac Emali Tourism, buskirala.com was the most rented bus address in Turkey last year. The company, which plans to enter the next year with more diverse services, is moving forward with the goal of meeting all of our country’s public transportation needs.

All Services of the Company

Buskirala.com is making an effort to stand out with its minibuses as well as bus rental. Therefore, it appears to have completed its service diversity.
The services of the company are listed as follows:
• Bus Rental in Turkey
• Minibus Rental in Turkey
• Shuttle Rental
• VIP Vehicle Rental
• Domestic Public Transportation
• International Public Transportation

Bus Rental in Turkey

Despite being newly established, the company completed the previous year by renting out approximately 550 buses, and it seems that they aim to double this goal this year. In our interview, company manager Ali Gultekin stated that they aim to enter the new year as the strongest transportation network in the country, and he expressed his happiness to be the shining star of this sector.
The company, which is powered by its rental bus fleet, also carries out special projects for selection buses and B2 certified buses for foreign trips. It appears that the company has tripled its goals in the bus segment this year. Bus options include 46-seater, 54-seater, and 39-seater models.

Minibus Rental in Turkey

Buskirala.com aims to be one step ahead with the quality of its rental minibuses. The platform, which provides D2 authorized minibuses with the comfort of a bus, has set its first goal to transfer the success it achieved on buses to minibuses. For this reason, special fleet works are carried out for minibuses rental services. You can rent these vehicles for trips, tours, meetings, congresses, fairs, and any kind of transportation needs.

These minibuses, which are all delivered with a driver, also have flexible rental options. You can extend or shorten the rental period as much as you want. The available minibuses for rent include 8-seater VIP minibuses, 16-seater minibuses, and 19-seater minibuses. In addition, 30-seater midi buses are also frequently preferred.

Tour Bus and Minibus Rental

Buskirala.com can offer tour buses for rent throughout Turkey, especially for tour bus rental services in Istanbul. The company, which offers this service, known as charter bus, in an economical way, can also provide comprehensive services. You can rent buses or minibuses from this company for a tour of Turkey.

VIP Minibus Rental

The companies and government officials who want to obtain the requirements of public transportation in premium quality generally prefer this service. Providing these services with ultra-luxurious 4-person and 8-person VIP minibuses, buskirala.com does not serve in the VIP sector with automobiles. After seeing the images of these minibuses, my opinion of the states changed.
VIP minibuses are delivered with a driver like the others. Each of these drivers speaks at least two languages. This seems to be the reason for preference especially for foreign guests in the VIP sector. The company can also offer airport transfer services with these vehicles.

Public Transport in Turkey

Buskirala.com can instantly meet all mass transportation needs within the country. They can mobilize hundreds of buses and minibuses from many cities at the same time. To achieve this, many companies come together on the platform.
The fact that their vehicles have a D2 certificate also guarantees customized trips. These buses and minibuses are authorized to enter city centers and change departure points.

You can reach all the services of the company on en.buskirala.com