Visit Visa Services

A destination is not only a place to stay it is a new way to see things and wonders. Traveling abroad is a dream we all wish to come true, wherever the place you want to go, you should plan well before booking a ticket. Therefore, the first journey step starts with a Visit Visa. Let’s learn more about our Visit Visa services.

Popular Destinations to head for is!

We are allowed to give you a visit visa every possible country you may desire, especially, our concern is about Dubai and Nigeria along with many other beautiful countries around the globe to Visit. 

Dubai is a great destination to explore the charm, magic, and beauty of its beautiful and world-famous tourist attractions whether landscapes like mountains, lakes, and the magical fountain or even its famous architecture like malls, sky wonder “Burj Khalifa, and many more. Dubai is great also for business attractions and to market your business here and there. Dubai is the city where everything is always possible.

Nigeria is a different story where the charm goes beyond the horizons; nature beauty catches your breath Allah bestow upon this African country a variety of natural landscapes that you will never be able to forget like tropical forests, magnificent waterfalls, roomy rivers, and beaches. In addition, you can go to Nigeria to enjoy its unique wildlife, or visit the vast popular zoos with green areas to live the adventure while seeing and enjoying wild, rare, and beautiful animals. 

Online Visit Visa is easy and quick, how to apply!

– You need to fill the application form with all your correct data

– Upload the necessary documents such as your passport first and last page, passport size photograph with a white background, confirmed hotel booking, flight tickets “onward or return tickets, and of course, never forget your negative PCR test report and COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate. 

– Then, it is the most important step to get your visit visa done, you should deposit the Visit Visa fees in advance while uploading your documents. The bank will send you a confirmation when the transaction is successfully done. 


The necessary documents may vary from one country to another, a Visa type to another, and a nationality to another. The requirements for Visit Visa to Dubai may differ from the same Visa to Nigeria or any other country according to the immigration authorities’ new rules. A visitor from Europe differs from another from countries like Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and so on; such nationalities require more documents like National ID or Birth Certificate.

Visit Visa Types:

– 14 Days Visit Visa which enables you to stay 2 weeks enjoying your holiday. 

– 30 Days Visit Visa, gives you more days to spend precious time enjoying a family gathering, holidays, or even for medical issues and many more and it is only for one month,

– 90 Day Visit Visa is a great choice for a long-term visit whether for holidays or organizing business meetings and exhibitions. 

– 30 Days Multiple entry Visit Visa is a great treasure for people who wants to be able to enter and leave and then return again to the same county many times during 30 days from the first entry.

– 90 Days Multiple Entry Visit Visa is the most convenient type for people who have much business around the globe or anyone who wants a flexible entry for many times to the same country. It allows you to enter the country multiple times starting from the day of your first entry to 90 days.

– Visit Visa Extension is great to explore more or even complete your business missions. It is available to be extended for 30 days twice.  


It may vary from country to country and nationality to nationality but be sure it will be affordable enough for you. It is important to note that visa application charges are non-refundable and non-transferable regardless it is accepted or rejected. 

The rejection is all up to the immigration authorities of the target country. 

For further information don’t hesitate to contact us, we are here to serve you 24-hours with a wide variety of professional visa experts whom concerns are you and your privacy. Feel free to contact us via e-mail, WhatsApp, or any preferred social means.