7 Reasons Cathay Pacific Should be Your Flying Partner

What makes an excellent flying airline? What makes a client choose and stick to a specific airline throughout their flying experience? Is it the guaranteed safety record, considerate rates, or onboard services? 

The choice of the airline to use is a very complex issue. Today, travelers can significantly influence other peoples’ choices through online customer reviews. What one client says about their experience with a particular airline can influence several others. 

When you think airlines, Cathay Pacific is among the top firm’s that come to mind. If you want to connect to other destinations in Asia, think Cathay Pacific. If you opt for non-stop service through major cities such as Chicago, New York, San Francisco, and others, Cathay Pacific will always appear top on your list. 

Here are compelling reasons to Book direct with Cathay Pacific.

1.Top-notch Services

Everyone not only wants value for their money but longs to be treated with utmost concern, and love. This is what Cathay Pacific gives you. Their in-flight and off-flight services are excellent. Ask for anything and it will be delivered in minutes.

 If you’re traveling with young children, do not be amazed to see a friendly air hostess assisting you with fuzzy babies. If you need some warm milk or water for the hungry children, it will be done within no time. What more can parents traveling with kids ask for?

As you check out, you’ll encounter polite ground staff ready to help you with your luggage. Do not be surprised to see them carry all your bags, folding baby strollers, and wishing you well. 

These little kind gestures are what make the airline stand out from all the others.

2.Amazing Lounges

If you have not been to Hong Kong International Airport and visited Pier Lounge, you have not yet interacted with state-of-the-art lounges!

Here, you’ll be served by smiling and pleasant attendants as they hand your glass of delicious cocktail juice. If you prefer a health glass of Caribbean or Asian natural juice, you only need to ask. If you arrive mid-morning, visit the noodle bar for delicious Asian noodles. You’ll also find your regular cheese, sandwiches, cookies, and all.

As you wait for your next flight, you can put the soundproof headphones on to watch movies. The lounge has little entertainment cubicles fixed with plugs to allow you to watch as you wish. You can enjoy a scenic view through the floor-to-ceiling transparent windows that allow natural light to illuminate the lounge in a splendid display of colors. 

3.Kids-Friendly Environment

If you’re traveling with your kids, Cathay Pacific should be your closest partner. A parent’s joy while traveling is to see the kids taken care of in a friendly thoughtful manner. The remarkable care is regardless of the class you may be traveling in. 

Kids can request their preferred meal or drink. Accompanying every kid’s meal is a glass of fruit juice with a fancy straw that they can take home.

For those traveling in the business class, the kid’s dessert includes cheese, fruit options, and crackers. If you’re conscious about the sugar content in the meals, you can call in time and arrangements will be done to deliver your kid’s meal.

Some bathrooms have diaper-changing tables to allow you to change your baby comfortably. From time to time, there are baby packs that contain baby creams, lotions, and diapers. You can always come in handy when changing your baby or toddler.

4.In-Flight Entertainment Options

You can never get bored while traveling Cathay Pacific. Your kids will watch till they drop! Cathay Pacific flight entertainment consists of old classics, kids’ games, the latest movies on Netflix, and all. 

 The list of music and games to occupy you and your kids is endless. You watch and listen to what you want when you want it. If you’re traveling first-class or business, you’ll have a pair of soundproof headphones to give you quality entertainment.

5.The Food

Cathay Pacific has delicious food for all their clients, all the time. Even when you’re flying economy, you’ll find all their meals and drinks tastier than in any other airline.  The taste and choice get better as you move from business and first-class. 

The choice of wine in first-class is exquisite, leaving you longing for more. 

Cathay Pacific allows you to indulge in the pleasant world of food and drink!

6.Surf while in the skies

Some selected Cathay Pacific aircraft have internet connectivity allowing you to stay connected while you fly. If you fly Airbus A350 Cathay Pacific, you can send messages, browse the internet and watch the news from around the globe from the comfort of your seat.

In three simple steps, you can connect to Cathay Pacific Wi-Fi. To enable Wi-Fi on your preferred device, tap to connect to Cathay Pacific Wi-Fi network and then select the subscription option of your choice. 

7.Value For Your Money

Flying Cathay Pacific assures there are no hidden charges beyond what you have paid.  If you book your flight on their website, the amount you pay will be the same s when you pay through other modes-no hidden charges. 

To encourage clients to book and pay online, Cathay Pacific has exclusive offers and bonus miles discounts to encourage their clients to have an excellent start to their trip. Online booking does not have credit card charges making it affordable.

Booking Cathay Pacific flights online allows you to manage and book your flights anytime. This service also allows you to book your flight and make payment later.

At a small fee, a client can hold their flight for 72 hours to allow them to finalize their travel plans. Email alerts remind you to clock in before the offer becomes invalid.


Anytime you fly Cathay Pacific, you’re in for exclusive services whether you choose economy, business, or first class for your trip. This airline dedicates excellence to give all its passengers a lifetime flying experience that leaves them desiring more.  You’re in for many more flights with this award-winning airline. Book your flight today and enjoy impeccable excellence in the skies.