Brad Schnickel: Helping You Travel Anywhere

Bradley Schnickel grew up very close to Minneapolis, Minnesota, in a small town that was named New Prague. While he was working on his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Michigan, Brad Schnickel met his future wife. They got married in 2003, and then they had one son, named Bradley Schnickel, Jr.

Bradley Schnickel had been very interested and fascinated with traveling since childhood. He decided to go for a career as a travel advisor. He enjoys traveling with his family all around the world whenever possible. They have gone to Europe, and they have taken family vacations in the United States as well. They’ve been on several cruises in the Caribbean and explored many theme parks.

Brad Schnickel has more than 15 years of experience in the field of travel advising. He understands how stressful it can be to plan a great vacation while sticking with your budget. Travel advisors can be very helpful in this way, helping to make travel arrangements, reservations for transportation and lodging at the destination, travel schedules, and any information about weather and attractions that can help make your trip better.

Brad Schnickel offers many tips that will make it easy for people to travel. One thing he suggests is to download a conversion rate app, so that it isn’t difficult to calculate currency exchange rates. If you are going to a restaurant or using some other service that necessitates tipping, you can do research on the internet to see what the local tipping customs are. Having a really good phone is great while you are traveling since it gives you tech support, the ability to find out where you are, and the ability to take pictures. Make sure that you always have the right equipment to be able to charge your phone whenever you need to do so. Creating a packing list will also be helpful so that you make sure you have all the essential items before you get to your destination. Try to maintain your sleeping habits, minimize stress, and think twice before you eat unusual foods, in order to avoid getting sick while you are traveling.

Brad Schnickel also suggests that people consider travel insurance, seek out peak season packages when they are traveling, visit several travel service websites before deciding on making a purchase, and be somewhat wary of low upfront prices that may be too good to be true.

Brad Schnickel also explains how people can even travel during the pandemic, as long as they are safe and follow CDC guidelines. People should still continue to wear masks, perform social distancing, and use hand sanitizer whenever necessary. This is true even if they have been vaccinated against COVID-19. There are places that should be avoided, such as overcrowded cities and beaches. However, airfare is basically at an all-time low, hotels are offering great rates, and corporate amusement parks, such as Disney World, are much less crowded and do not require you to wait in line nearly as long as you would have had to pre-pandemic. Brad Schnickel also suggests that you be vigilant for signs of the virus in other individuals, such as sneezing, fatigue, rubbing eyes, and coughing profusely.
Whatever your reason is to book your next vacation, or whatever the circumstances, travel advisors like Bradley Schnickel will be able to make your trip as good as it can be.