Best Places to Have a Destination LGBTQ Wedding

Planning your wedding day will be one of the most exciting yet challenging periods of your life. It can bring great happiness but also be the subject of debate between partners. One of the first things to decide upon is the location and venue of the ceremony. Will it be local, or are you looking to fly elsewhere? If you want to travel for your wedding, you will need to look into the destination country’s laws regarding marriage, especially for LGBTQ couples. To that end, let us discuss why it is important for LGBTQ couples to research destinations before deciding on a place. We’ll also look at the best locations to have a destination LGBTQ wedding.

Why LGBTQ Couples Should Research Countries Before Choosing a Venue

When trying to choose the destination of your wedding, it is essential that you conduct thorough research of each country you are considering as well as the laws they have in place. For LGBTQ couples, you must make sure that you have chosen a location that legalizes and accepts your sexual orientation and/or gender identity. In an ideal world, you would be able to travel to any country you wish without facing any judgement. However, this unfortunately is not the case. Some places issue severe consequences to those who identify as LGBTQ, and people can face jail time. Algeria and Somalia are just two examples.

While LGBTQ activity may technically be legal in various countries, you need to think about the inhabitant’s attitude towards this. Some places are notorious for having a bad reputation when it comes to LGBTQ acceptance, so understanding the country’s attitudes towards you and your partner is essential prior to choosing your desired wedding destination.

Ideal Destinations for LGBTQ Weddings

Choosing the perfect wedding destination is challenging. However, to help you, below is a list of places that are recommended for LGBTQ relationships.

United States

The U.S. is home to a plethora of LGBTQ-friendly cities and towns that are ideal for LGBTQ weddings. From New Orleans to San Francisco, the good folk at OutCoast say you will not fall short in finding the perfect place. Not only can you have your wedding here, but you can also decide to stay for the honeymoon as well. There are plenty of gay hotels in Florida and other states that are amazing for those looking for some fun.


Known to be one of the most gay friendly places on the planet, Spain is perfect if you and your partner are looking to have your wedding in a sunny European country. It is a vibrant and fun location where there are lots of venues to choose from including beaches, chapels, or even castles. There are many places to visit around the country if you are looking to discover its rich history, and it is surrounded by other beautiful countries too should you wish to go on honeymoon around Europe.


A stunning country with unbelievable scenery, Iceland is a once-in-a-lifetime place to visit. Why not have your wedding there? Same-sex marriage has been legal in the country since 2010, and it has a friendly and welcoming attitude towards the LGBTQ community. You and your partner could have a romantic wedding under the Northern Lights surrounded by stunning glaciers and cascading waterfalls.


To conclude then, there are many places that are ideal for a destination LGBTQ wedding. However, you must consider several factors before settling on a location. These include whether LGBTQ activity is legalized and the different attitudes towards the community. Countries such as the United States, Spain, and Iceland are amazing places to have LGBTQ weddings.