How to Enjoy the RV Lifestyle on a Budget

Is it possible to enjoy the RV lifestyle without spending a ton of money? That depends on who you ask. Many a weekend warrior has found themself spending more than they had planned on a summer season of camping trips. On the other hand, there are plenty of RV owners who know how to live on next to nothing out on the open road.

Like budgeting at home, enjoying the RV lifestyle on a budget is really about two things: priorities and financial discipline. As long as your priorities are not expensive, you can employ sound financial principles more than capable of keeping you within your budget.

Learn to Cook at Campsites

Small RV kitchens and the inconvenience of cooking over a fire lead some RV owners to eat out more often. Unfortunately, eating out is expensive. Learn to cook at campsites and you can save a ton of money. You might even discover you actually like doing it.

Some RV owners cook exclusively inside their trailers and motorhomes. Others use gas grills or camping stoves. Still others prefer to cook over open fires. It is all good. No matter your choice, you will spend less money preparing your own meals.

Stay Put Longer

Are you the type of RV owner who tends to visit multiple destinations every season? If you are a full-timer, do you get up and go every week or two? In both cases, you can actually save money by staying put longer. For starters, less travel means spending less money on fuel. That could save quite a bit.

In addition, some campgrounds offer cheaper rates when you stay for two weeks or longer. If you are amenable to joining a membership campground, you could ultimately pay less for the membership fee than you would visiting four or five different campgrounds every year.

Invest in Preventative Maintenance

Sometimes, maximizing your budget is a matter of investing in preventative maintenance. A good example for full-timers would be investing in inflatable RV skirting from AirSkirts. Spending the money now could ultimately end up saving you down the road by preventing frozen plumbing during the winter.

Along those same lines, regular oil changes will save fuel and help keep your motorhome engine in top condition. Taking care of your tires saves money, too. Everything from maintaining window and door seals to flushing and cleaning your tanks will increase the life of your rig and cut down on repair costs.

Keep an Eye Out for Deals

At some point, you are going to have to spend money. But you can avoid spending more than you have to by always keeping an eye out for deals. When you go grocery shopping, look for BOGO deals and coupon discounts. When you are looking for entertainment options, keep an open mind about free events.

Along those same lines, did you know that most national parks participate in the National Park Fee Free Days program? This program sets aside a limited selection of dates each year in which national park admission is free. You could get into Yosemite to see the famous geysers without paying a dime.

A single post is not enough to detail all the ways to enjoy the RV lifestyle on a budget. The underlying point here is that it is entirely possible to do so. Anyone can learn to live on less. The deciding factor is whether you really want to do so. If not, that’s fine. The great thing about the RV lifestyle is that you can spend as little or as much as you want.