The Best Places To Kayak

With aquamarine seas, meandering rivers, and sparkling lakes to explore, the UK’s surroundings are perfect for kayaking adventures. The boats and equipment you need to launch your own adventure are available for hire or you can join a group.

Make sure you have the right permits, check the water levels, and confirm that the marina or boat ramp is functioning before heading out. Listed below, you will find a selection of some of the most celebrated spots for kayaking in UK:

  1. Fern Ridge Reservoir: Near Veneta, Fern Ridge Reservoir offers calm waters and scenic views as well as access to a wildlife preserve. This popular birding spot has over 250 species of birds. Whether you need to paddle from the day-use Perkins Peninsula Park or launch your craft into the still waters along Coyote Creek Nature Trail, you will find it all here.  
  1. Siltcoos River Trail: Siltcoos River Trail runs along Siltcoos Lake and ends at the Pacific Ocean. The three-mile paddle takes you from Siltcoos Lake to the Pacific Ocean and back again. It will lead you through sand dunes and forested areas. There are plenty of wildlife viewing opportunities along this trip – perhaps you will even see river otters! During the late spring/early summer nesting season for Snowy Plover, sections of the riverbank may be closed. Paddlers are asked to remain in their kayaks during this time. 
  1. Dexter Reservoir: Dexter Reservoir is located near Jasper and Lowell. The lake is accessible from two locations: Lowell State Recreation Site on the north shore and Dexter State Recreation Site on the southwest shore. Despite its very cold water, the Dexter Reservoir is crystal clear – ideal for paddling in a kayak and motorized boats are permitted.
  1. Waldo Lake: Just past Oakridge in the Cascade Mountains is Waldo Lake. The Waldo Lake area has three designated campgrounds. Thus, be sure to make reservations in advance. Among the cleanest lakes in the world, it is one of Oregon’s largest natural lakes, known for its crystal-clear water that makes paddling an enjoyable activity. Since electric boats are allowed only to travel under 10 mph, the area has a naturally peaceful feel.

To Conclude

There is no better way to witness the hard-to-reach beauty and scenic secrets of the UK than by paddling your way through the enchanting tranquillity of quiet lakes, lazy rivers and diverse waterways. In addition to a memorable day of adventure and mesmerizing views, kayaking brings with it a variety of physical and psychological benefits that will last long after you set foot back onshore.
Studies have shown that aerobic exercise triggers brain chemicals that enhance mood and self-esteem, and on a nice day, the vitamin D you will be soaking up on the open waters only adds to that natural boost in positivity. So, connect with Beyonk today and our team will send your quote to hundreds of the best experience providers nationwide. Perhaps a peaceful paddle down a secluded waterway may give you the serenity and self-reflection you need and deserve!