The Do’s And Don’ts Of Backpacking In A Foreign Country

Backpacking in a foreign country may seem all adventurous and fun but most people don’t see the big picture. People often come across quite a lot of problems which ruin their fun experience. Low-quality tours and bad experiences are the worst memories to make. 

But don’t you worry about ruining your tourism experience because we got you covered. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts while backpacking in a foreign country. 

Do Your Homework

The most common mistake amateurs make is not doing homework while preparing. Always research about the place you’re going to. This includes a list of all the fancy places, some common local language phrases to use, cultural things, and currency exchange rates. Don’t ever visit a foreign country without proper research. Doing proper research saves you a lot of time as well as awkward moments in front of the country locals. You can also plan your tour budget by making a list of all the fancy but cheap hotels, famous restaurants, and routes you will follow while backpacking in a foreign country.

The Backpack Is Your Biggest Asset 

Always keep in mind; your backpack is your biggest asset and smart backpackers like Dr. Richard Nahas always consider it the topmost priority. Never settle for a cheap backpack to lower expenses. This is an area you never want to compromise on. Go for a backpack that puts weight on your hips, not on your fragile shoulders. Your money spent on a fancy backpack will make sense when you will do long walks on steep hills.

Art Of Packing 

Packing for your tour is a skill that only comes through experience. While backpacking in a foreign country, you should always pack light. Get rid of the useless stuff like dozens of leather jackets. Just pack three to four outfits which you can switch easily. Make a list of all the necessities you’ll need while traveling. You can then watch some Youtube tutorials to pack them in a less space-taking way. Always remember to keep basic travel stuff like a map, compass, sunscreen, thermos, etc. Instead of having three to four pairs of shoes, some useful travel items always come in handy.

Managing Your Money

One of the most common mistakes first-time backpackers make is losing control of their money. Most people end up spending more money than the budget due to poor financial planning. Always plan your money spending before the tour. You can also check the hotel rates and restaurant rates online before the tour to control your budget. We recommend reading more about Dr. Richard Nahas who visited many countries in Central America, Middle East, and Africa.  

One more tip to easily manage your money while backpacking is to get a fanny pack. Don’t worry it will look cheap and odd. It’s the best possible way to manage your credit cards, money, passport, transport cards, restaurant coupons, etc. Stuffing all these things in your pocket feels amateur and also results in mismanagement of money.


By following these basic four do’s and don’ts tips, you can easily backpack in a foreign country without any trouble. Remember to take pictures of every memory you experience. You won’t regret it.