Top 5 Reasons to Rent a Party Boat in Key West

In late December of 2019, a fisherman caught a 350lb Warsaw grouper in Southwest Florida. According to the FWC Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, it’s the largest fish caught in that area of Florida. Southwest Florida and specifically Key West is a popular fishing spot for many fishing enthusiasts.

But Key West is not only a perfect place for fishing, as the warm Caribbean waters around the island overflow with fish of all sizes perfect for those who enjoy diving. That is why many people rent a party boat in Key West so that they can get the best Key West experience. Thankfully, there are plenty of party boat rentals in Key West.

Let’s get a more in-depth look at more reasons.

1. Extraordinary Sunsets

There is a reason why there is a Key West Sunset Celebration, and that’s because Key West is home to one of the most extraordinary sunsets. Even though you can see the sunset from the town square, the best place to see all the different orange dyes is on a party boat. As you will have the view of a clear horizon, so be sure to find one of the many Key West party boats that offer this memorable voyage.

2. Party During the Day or Night

If you have never experienced an off-shore party, then Key West is the place to do it. There are plenty of booze cruise party boats in Key West that includes a captain and DJ. You’ll only need to worry about choosing what drinks to bring to the party boat!

3. Go on a Wreck Dive

Key West has the world’s second-largest artificial reef, making it a perfect place to practice your diving. A few party boat companies offer a fun booze cruise experience with a diving tour on the side. Don’t worry if you are not wreck diving certified, as there are areas where you can dive with lower certifications.

4. Big Game Fishing

As mentioned before, Key West is the place to go big game fishing. You can find an overnight party boat for fishing in Key West that offers all the commodities of a booze cruise but with the bonus of stopping at the best fishing spots. If you are worried about catching a 350lb fish, don’t worry, as these party boats come equipped with sturdy fishing rods.

5. See Key West’s Marine Life

The final reason is the most exciting and beautiful one, and you can witness all of the marine life that Key West offers. There are more than 6,000 species in Key West, and a party boat is the best way to see them. Be sure to take a camera, as you will want to remember all of the beautiful species you see.

Rent a Party Boat in Key West and You Will Not Regret It

Everything about Key West will leave you amazed. So why not rent a party boat in Key West and be even more amazed! Without a doubt, you will have the best adventure of your life.

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