6 Ways to Be More Adventurous on Your Vacation

Do you ever look at your friend’s vacation photos and think, ‘I wish I could be that adventurous’? Maybe it seems like they always pack in more activities than you, or that they always pick the perfect destinations to have the most adventurous time.

You don’t have to feel left out. If you’re ready for a vacation that thrills you as much as it relaxes you, use these six ways to be more adventurous on your next vacation.

1: Plan Ahead

While you may like going with the flow, planning is an essential part of any adventurous vacation. Not only is it important for safety (like bringing the right equipment), but planning your trip ahead of time means you can figure out all the best activities. If you look at things to do in Orlando, for example, you will find loads of exciting activities like Tree Trek Adventure Park that you may not have come across otherwise!

2: Do Something You’ve Never Done

Have you always wanted to go scuba diving? Perhaps rock climbing appeals to you? The next time you go on an adventurous getaway, be sure to fit in something that you have never done before. Stepping out of your comfort zone is important for adventure, and you might discover something new that you love!

3: Give Yourself More Time

It’s unrealistic to expect yourself to do five days full of activities without a break before heading home – especially if your day-to-day life is more sedentary. For an adventurous vacation, it’s best to give yourself more time away so that you can slot in days to relax. After ziplining, rappelling, or mountain climbing, you’re going to need it!

4: Pick the Right Destination

It’s hard to be adventurous in a sleepy town without much to do. It might make for a peaceful getaway, but it won’t get your adrenaline going! You need to pick the right destination – one that has plenty of fun activities to jump into. Some great destinations for adventure include:

  • Grand Canyon, USA
  • Great Barrier Reef, Australia
  • Bolivia, Peru
  • Kaikoura, New Zealand
  • Kauai, Hawaii

5: Try New Foods

Being adventurous isn’t all about swimming with sharks or ziplining through forests. Trying new foods can be just as exciting as reaching a mountain peak! There are so many amazing foods from all over the world, so wherever you are, be sure to get a taste of the local cuisine.

6: Switch Off

It’s hard to be adventurous when you are scrolling through Instagram or taking too many photos. Sure, snap a quick shot when the time is right, but don’t stay on your phone for the entire vacation. Instead, put it away and enjoy your adventures in the moment.

Being adventurous is just as much about your mindset as it is about the activities you choose to do. Wherever you end up going, use these six tips to ensure you have the most exciting time of your life.