RV Hacks to Make Your Camping Easier

RVing is a popular activity that we all enjoy. However, we despise those little annoying things that spoil what should be a pleasurable experience. Moving or spending the summer at your favourite RV park? Here are a few tips to make your stay more pleasant, cleaner, and less stressful.

These techniques were honed only after much trial and error for the most part. We hope you can avoid making the same mistakes over and over again by learning how to use these simple RV hacks, whether you use them on your own or list your RV for rent with all these amenities.

If you haven’t heard of these simple and affordable RV rental living tips, you can add them to your “to-do” list!

Make Use of a Checklist

There’s nothing worse than being halfway across the country and realizing you’ve forgotten to unplug your laptop from the portal.  When it’s time to get out, there are many things to keep in mind.

Make sure you don’t miss anything by creating a checklist on paper or on your smartphone. Make a copy of this checklist and keep it handy.

Fix a Toilet

Rubber gaskets are commonly used in RV rental toilets instead of classic plumbing fixtures to hold water in the pot. If lime or other accumulations build-up, this seal may begin to leak. It’s best to start by putting some white vinegar into the pot and letting that sit for at least 30 minutes at least. The deposits should be dissolved and the problem solved by this method. If not, a spoon or butter knife may be required to scratch the gasket. When you’re finished, use some plumber’s oil to improve the seal further.

Showering outdoors

It’s a perk of RV living to be able to shower outside in the summertime. If you want to have some fun with it or your small RV doesn’t have enough room for one, you can mount your personal outdoor shower to its edge.

You can use an external shower to wash off the dirt from your hiking trip before going into your RV, keeping the interior dry. You can create a privacy fence out of a shower curtain and some wire or pipework if you have an exterior shower. Make sure you get a high-quality RV showerhead so that you can get the most out of your showers.

Deploy Rear Stabilizers Using a Cordless Drill

If you have a fifth wheel or travel wagon without any electric stabilizer jacks, you’ve likely had to crank them up or down yourself. A cordless drill with a rechargeable battery is a quick and simple solution. Stabilizer jack socket extensions are easy to install. Relax, and let the drill take care of the rest.

Keep the Cushions On Your Dining Room Table Clean

Use crib sheets to cover the cushions on your dining room table. As a bonus, you can use various shades to alter the appearance of your RV interiors in case your children spill something.

Handy Placemats for Defrosting

You can store them at the back of your refrigerator. When you defrost your refrigerator, these will be ready to be removed, and the ice will break up quickly. You can simply store them back in the refrigerator when you’re done, and it’s defrosted. It speeds up the defrosting process tremendously.

Evaluate the height of your equipment

Ascertaining the height of your rig is an important step to take. Put labels or masking tape on the dashboard with the height written on it. Before you continue, be on the lookout for low-hanging trees and consider the height of overpasses. Ensure your route is safe by using an RV-safe GPS.

Watch Movies in Open Air

Take a break from the indoors and enjoy a movie outdoors with your family or friends. For those times when you just can’t bear to leave the comforts of your RV, you can use an outdoor projection screen and sound systems to show movies or photos on an enormous screen. If you’re planning to list your RV in an RV Park, be aware that you may be a nuisance to your fellow campers.

Additional Space & Storage

RV bike racks, for example, can be added to the back of a vehicle to expand its storage space, which is always limited.

An external mount is also an option for storing additional freshwater tanks, waste bins, and other items. A few full-time RVers also pack a greenhouse or an open-air kitchen into their vehicles for fresh fruit and vegetables. Having more room in your RV rental means you’ll be able to handle more interesting DIY projects and thus make the most of your time on the road.

Your storage should be utilized to its full potential. Keep pests out of your motor home. With a few simple tips, you can relax and have a great time in your RV with no worries.