The small sailboat set to revolutionize sailing

The most distinctive sailboat on the market today, Reverso, is here to revolutionize sailing. Ready to use in just 180 seconds, Reverso is the world’s first foldable sailboat. Completely dismountable, Reverso folds up to one square meter and can easily be stored anywhere, from the back of your car to your beach house and superyacht. Ultra-lightweight, Reverso is designed to eliminate the logistics and barriers connected to regular sailing. It’s Reverso’s unique design that lets you sail anywhere, anytime.

Stemming from the mind of Antoine Simon, a sailing instructor and young airline pilot, he dreamed of creating a stealthy, light, transportable sailboat that would free him from the constraints of a home port. At the same time, he wished to build a small sailboat that was also affordable and technically driven, with racing and high-performance at the core of the design. Together with a team of skilled and passionate designers and architects, they brought Reverso to life.

“Reverso’s design is influenced by ocean racing, aviation and board sports,” said Charter Bertrand, a naval architect who designed the infused planning hull of Reverso. While some designers would struggle to bring the brief for Reverso to life, the design team took this on as a challenge incorporating some of the most advanced solutions and innovations available today. For example, the hull is made using vacuum infusion, an advanced composite building process, integrating a glass/carbon infusion sandwich. This very advanced technique ensures extreme cohesion of the hull, which is essential to resist the opposing forces of the ocean. At the same time, the hull is also lightweight, with the largest section weighing only 16.8 kilograms.

The rest of Reverso’s forward-looking design incorporates a range of high-tech materials and composites that are among the most reliable in the world. This includes the application of Dyneema ® fiber into the ropes, which is up to 15 times stronger than steel and weaving Black Membrane technology in the sail. “We have selected the best and most innovative fittings from Ronstan, Wichard, and Ropeye to guarantee the best quality,” adds Bertrand. “Our most precise parts are machined in 3D aluminum and Delrin in Vendée, France.”

Completely handmade and pre-tested in Reverso’s state of the art production facilities in France with passion and dedication, the culture of excellence is woven into its core. Building each Reverso requires intense precision and numerous meticulous manual steps such as trimming, assembly, gluing, and finishing. However, the team is adamant that French manufacturing gives Reverso an indisputable asset, thanks to the worldwide reputation of its shipyards.

The proof is certainly in the pudding. Tried, tested and certified by the experts of the ICNN of La Rochelle, Reverso was awarded the prestigious “boat of the year in the USA”. As Reverso is hundred percent dismountable, any repairs can easily be carried out by hand or by a shipyard. Discover the difference of Reverso, the small sailboat of the future for sale today.